Vote 1 Pool

by Melissa Alexander
Our campaign to re-open Coburg Outdoor Pool is about to change direction.  After the council drafts the next budget we will know whether we have to continue lobbying council to feasibly allocate funds or if we will need to help them have it open in time for next summer. We are looking for a big turn out at the next council meeting, it’s being held in Coburg and we want the councilors to see how important it is to our community to have somewhere close to swim next summer.

It is an election year and we wish to use the election to push the councillors to think about whether they are doing their job and listening to the people that elected them or whether they are pursuing their own agenda. We are asking pool enthusiasts to come in their togs to the next meeting, with their kids and pool toys to share a meal. We will take a few snaps and dominate question time with the hope of showing the councillors that we will only reconsider voting in those that are listening to our needs and vote to keep the pool a quality community asset.

“How to vote” cards will be distributed amongst the crowd and will hopefully make their way into the hot little hands of the councillors. We will all have joyous time and reminisce about past days of swimming and lament on the loss of our pool. Now is the time to participate in the campaign if you have been wanting to show your support. If the council do not decide to put the money up there won’t be enough time to after the budget has been finalized to get the money, subsequent repairs and water saving initiatives up before December one. The longer our pool is closed the more unlikely it is to be opened.

Next council meeting is on Wenesday 14th May 2008.

We are meeting at 630 in the council chambers on Bell street.

Don't forget togs, toys and kids.

no pool fools

by Janet Grigg
Last Tuesday, April Fool's days as it were, a number of us gathered at the Coburg Olympic Pool to mark the end of the swimming season for the year. According to our calculations, the community has missed out on 60 plus swim days this summer! That's days with temperatures of over 25 degrees, including 15 days with temperatures of more than 35 degrees. Can you believe it? How outrageous!!!

We milled around in the sunshine and tied ribbons on the fence. It was gloriously warm and inside the fence, the green grass and the blue tiles of the pools just begged to be filled with clean water and the shrieks of children enjoying the last day of swimming outside weather.

We are not going away until our beloved pool is opened for next summer and beyond!