question time

by Janet Grigg
On January 30th 2008, more than 30 Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool (FOCOP) attended the Moreland council meeting at Bell St, Coburg. Question time was extended to hear many questions from the public gallery. Councillors disputed claims that the Coburg Olympic Pool has been closed intentionally, claiming the closure is temporary.

Earlier that morning, FOCOP prepared for the Council meeting without a copy of the Council report on the pool. A morning meeting with North East ward Councillors, Andrea Sharam and Mark O’Brien, allowed us to hear some of the report findings and gauge Councillors position on the re-opening of the Pool. Both councillors stated they would not support the pool re-opening for the 2008 summer or beyond. Both councillors claimed the pool is past its use by date, and that the majority of councillors would not support spending 350K required to re-open the pool. Councillors talked about the Moreland Aquatic Strategy and the Coburg 2020 plan as a solution to the closure of the pool.

However, later that night, at the council meeting, Moreland council agreed to consider the funding of the works required to re-open the Coburg Olympic Pool as part of the 2008/2009 capital works budget. This would take place in June/July and would require councillors to vote either way. All the councillors at the meeting gave the impression they have no intention of closing the pool - which begs the question why then the pool is still closed? And why has the Moreland Council not committed to opening it next summer?

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  1. I strongly support the opening of the Coburg pool. The people who have worked so hard to bring it about deserve a successful outcome!


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