Pool Together - wasn't it fantastic!

Last Sunday about 520 locals turned up on a frosty afternoon to pool together and celebrate that funds have been included the Moreland council's draft budget to re-open our favourite outdoor pool in Coburg for the next swimming season. The Newlands Neighbourhood House was packed to the rafters with good humoured, happy people. Kids roamed between the sandpit, inside where the music was and outside watching Sammy Star.

The speeches were good too - in particular it was really interesting hearing Frank Cox's view of life in the Newlands area. The music rocked, the sausages sizzled and the cake stall was eaten bare. In the end, we raised over $1300!! This money has been banked and will be used to fund community events at the pool or go towards the purchase of something that the pool can use.

A big thank-you goes out to everyone that helped out with the day and made it the enormous success that it was.

More photos here. See you all at the pool!

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