The Coburg Initiative

by Kitty Owens
Coburg Olympic Pool is back in the spotlight due to a suggested  'redevelopment' as a result of the Coburg Initiative. The Coburg Initiative is a Moreland Council/Equiset (Grollo)planned development of inner Coburg. A draft concept plan which features Coburg Leisure Centre(currently a well used indoor pool/gym/exercise space) 'relocated' has been launched for comment - the plan is apparently to move the leisure centre to the site of the Olympic Pool - so that apartments can be built on the Leisure Centre site in central Coburg.

Moreland City Council Mayor, Lambros Tapinos has stated that he thought it was 'in the long term interests of the council and the community to have the indoor and outdoor pools in one location".

Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool are of the view that the two facilities serve different purposes, and that there is great value to the community in investing in the pools at the two sites. The Coburg Leisure Centre is well located for drop in recreational activities, in a transport and activity hub, whereas Coburg Olympic Pool is a destination for a riverside outdoor swimming and picnic experience. Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool would like to see minor improvements at the Coburg Olympic Pool site but do not want to see a mega indoor facility take over the 1950s suburban pool feel and riverside ambience.

To have your say on the proposed vision you can:

contact the Mayor, Lambros Tapinos
Mobile: 0433 419 075
Phone: (03) 9240 1193
Fax: (03) 9240 1179

write to the Moreland Leader
make a comment here or
write to the Moreland Leader at or
by post to The editor, Moreland Leader, 2nd Floor, 192 High Street, Northcote 3070  

Unfortunately the opportunity to comment online on The Coburg Initiative has passed but you can see what others have written here.

Looks like our beautiful pool is under threat again.

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