Have you seen the plants new plants in front of Coburg Olympic Pool?

by Janet Grigg
A couple of weekends ago, a few of the Friends of Coburg Pool (FCOP) met out the front of the pool armed with succulents from our gardens, compost, gardening tools and mulch for a spot of guerrilla gardening. We had noticed how sad the bed out the front looked and decided to do something about it. After an assessment of the soil (dry and water repellent) and consideration of plant placement, we decided to work on the long bed. Soil replenishment and planting then began in earnest.  By the time we'd finished, it looked so much better. 


Planting at coburg olympic pool

Job well done

If anyone is passing by, I'm sure the new plants would appreciate some water, maybe from your water bottle if you are nearly home. There is still another garden bed at the entrance to the pool with a weed tree (cotoneaster) that needs to be removed and that could could do with some plants. Perhaps another group might decide to do some more guerrilla gardening? Every time I go past on the bus and see the garden we planted still there and growing, I get a little thrill. By the time summer comes, I'm sure the garden will have grown, filling out the bed some more and be looking even more magnificent. 

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