Coburg Olympic Pool closed for two weeks

Moreland city Council have advised that the repair of the circulation pump at the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool is taking longer than previously anticipated due to uncontrollable delays in procuring specialist parts for the pump. Council and the YMCA anticipate that repairs will be completed in the next two weeks, after which several days will be needed to return the pool’s water to the desired quality and clarity.
In the meantime, they are encouraging members and pass holders of the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool to make use of Moreland’s other aquatic facilities, including those nearby at Pascoe Vale and Oak Park. Coburg Olympic season pass holders are also able to use all aquatic facilities until the end of the month. Moreland residents are encouraged to visit for updates on the pool’s reopening and details of our other aquatic and leisure facilities.

Unfortunately, the delay in repairing the pump has resulted in the cancellation of the Family Fun Day scheduled at the Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool on Sunday, January 15. Family Fun Days will be held at Oak Park Aquatic Centre on Sunday, January 22, and Fawkner Leisure Centre on Sunday, January 29.

The Ride to Pool Day at Coburg Olympic Swimming Pool, organised by Friends Of Coburg Pool in partnership with Active Moreland and Council, will be still held on Sunday, February 19, 2012.


  1. Why is the sign up on the fence saying POll Open??

  2. "delays in procuring specialist parts for the pump"!! How many hundreds or thousand large swimming pools [incl in schools] are there in Australia. Isn't summer the season of biggest demand. Do pumps NOT break down at other pools? Who is the distributor or retailer of the parts? A public delegation to their office and a newspaper story might be just the thing to get your pool operational again quickly.
    Coburg Pool is precious - in a country surrounded by water, where we believe that everyone should be able to swim and the public pool has been part of our culture for several generations . . . . . Moreland Council should be PROUD to be the local custodian of this wonderful facility. It brings the pleasure of an important part of our culture to the next generation.