Outdoor Pools, Hot and Cold Weather Policy

by Janet Grigg 
Here is the City of Moreland's Hot and Cold Weather Policy for Outdoor Pools. It can be found on the council's website here, scroll down to Outdoor Pools. In view of the pool's closing times on the last two very hot nights, it makes interesting reading.
Policy - Outdoor Swimming Pools - Hot & Cold Weather (1)
A couple of points come to mind after being shunted out of the pool, along with many other patrons enjoying a cool dip, at 6 o'clock on two successive nights when the temperature was well over 32C. It would have been really lovely to have dinner at the pool and stay there until about 8. This wave of hot weather has been forecast by the Bureau of Meteorology in the seven day weather forecast. It has arrived as predicted and was not a surprise, so there was plenty of time to plan staffing.  Sure it was a public holiday, but the policy does not say that the pool can only be open late on weeknights or similar. The policy also talks about outdoor pools being primarily used as recreational venues and that opening and closing times should be responsive to community demand. The demand was certainly there tonight and last night. I wonder if the pool will be open late tomorrow night?

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