New Coburg Olympic Pool t-shirt!

Hi there local pool lovers

I am going to print t shirts with a new Coburg Olympic Pool design above on them on Tuesday (11/02).
They will be available to buy from Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool at Ride To Pool Day, Sunday 16th Feb, at the pool, for $15.00 each.
But, if people have their own plain white or black cotton tops that they would like printed on they can contact me to get my address and leave them on my front porch.
I will need to have them by Tuesday 7.30 am (as weather forecast so far predicts not too hot to print on that day..)
As we do this as a fund raiser for Ride to Pool Day to pay for the bands etc, it will cost $5.00
to print the design on your t shirt. Please write your name in the tag and also pin your name and contact details (and $ in an envelope) to the t shirt so that you can get them back when done. We also have a way to invoice you using Paypal but you would still need to get the t-shirts to me by Tuesday morning.


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