Spring at the Pool

by Janet Grigg
Last Saturday, the sun was shining as I drove past the Coburg Olympic Pool with my daughter and she asked can we go swim in the pool? I've talked to her about why mummy goes to meetings, that we've been working to get the pool open. For the children, she says, as three year olds do.

Anyway, it looks as though the pool is on track to be open for the 2008 summer season. It even says so on the Moreland council website. Of course, I won't feel that it's truly a done deal until we're celebrating the first day of the season by swimming laps, hanging out and paddling with our babes in sparkling fresh water on December 1, but it's good to know we've come this far. That works are in progress.

As the first day of the season, December the 1st, will be a Monday, there will be an official opening celebration soon after. We're also planning events such as a ride to pool day and maybe something fun at night when the weather really heats up. To be sure that you hear about any upcoming activities at the Coburg Olympic Pool, you can subscribe to this website either by email or in a reader and be notified of any updates automatically (the buttons are on the left). Let your friends know too, it's going to be a great summer down at the pool, and the more the merrier. See you in the lap lane!