ride to pool

What a gorgeous day at the pool! The weather couldn't have been better and about 600 people turned up. There was music and dancing, fun on the inflatable pool thingy, bouncing in the bouncing castle and sausages a sizzling. Not to mention our beautiful pool and the grass and shady trees that surround it. It's impossible for photos to capture just how awesome this day was but you get the idea! If anyone else has any photos they'd like to share, we now have a fledgling flickr group or you can email them to me at janetmgrigg@gmail.com.

ride to pool day 

1. t-shirts were in demand, 2. jumping castle, 3. learn to swim pool, 4. robin and sunny, 5. from the entrance, 6. from the terrace looking down to the big pool, 7. diving board in action, 8. lining up for the inflatable, 9. mel watching Newland Creak, 10. merri, sunny and some other children dancing to Newland Creak, 11. watching kids on the inflatable, 12. relaxing at the end of the day, 13. learn to swim pool, 14. splash into the diving pool, 15. lifeguard at learn to swim pool, 16. andy, 17. talking by the pool, 18. bike, 19. nick waves for the camera, 20. looking over the big pool Created with fd's Flickr Toys.

Perhaps the words someone handed to me at the end of the day tell the story the best;
"18th Jan 2008, band a playin', bikes in the distance. The surrounding green like nowhere else I know in this town. Kids breakdancing to the band that's by no means hip hop. But it's community, it's diversity, it's adding to the colour of our moods. On this sunday, on this sunday."

Ride to Pool Day

This Sunday, the 18th of January 2009, there's a special Ride to the Pool Day to celebrate the re-opening of the Coburg Olympic Pool and it's special location along the Merri Creek bike path. People are encouraged to cycle to the pool and park out the front. Enjoy free entry as the guest of Christine Campbell MP (Member for Pascoe Vale). Swim in the sparkling waters of the pool, laze under shady trees and listen to a feast of live music. Jump on the jumping castle, eat sausages at the Moreland City Council sausage sizzle (gold coin to charity).

Music starts from 1.00pm....

1.00 - 1.30 Jaye Kranz
1.45 - 2.30 Caroline Kennedy
2.45 - 3.30 Ash Naylor
3.45 - 4.30 Newland Creak
4.45 - 5.30 The Short Order Schefs

There will also be a Friends Of Coburg Olympic Pool table where you can come and have a chat or maybe purchase a tee-shirt or bag. The weather looks like it's going to be good, at this stage the forecast is for 28C... perfect for hanging out at the pool.

come on in, the water's fine

We've been swimming quite a lot at our newly opened Coburg Olympic Pool. The season got off to a slow start, with all that cold weather. Then one day after Christmas, I decided that warm or not, we just had to go for a swim. It was fabulous. Once we got in. The getting in was the hard bit, but seriously after that, it was truly fantastic. And it's lovely to look around and see lots of people using the pool.

I've also managed to sneak in a solo visit and swim some laps, followed by some time out under the big shady trees with a book. The view to the creek is most restful. I highly recommend it. There's also a basket ball pad and a barbeque, both of which seem to be getting good use.

So if you haven't been down for a swim yet, come on in, the water's fine.