Tell us your story

We would like to record the history of Coburg Olympic Pool and for people to tell us what it has meant to them in the past and what it means now. This is so that we can work to keep the pool open for future generations to enjoy.
  • What to you like about the pool now? What do you think could be improved?
  • Would you like to write about the campaign to re- open the Coburg Olympic Pool?
  • Do you have photos from when the pool was open in the past? Perhaps of school carnivals or picnics? Family snaps? 
  • Artwork that you'd be happy for us to put on the site?
  • Or do you have old phamplets, documents or anything else that shows the history of the Coburg Olympic pool?
  • Would you like to write an article for the website?
  • Do you have information or research about the pool closure?
  • Policy, demographic or health research that supports keeping the pool open?
  • Something we haven't thought off?
If you have something you think would be good for the website, please contact Janet or Friends of Coburg Olympic pool.