Coburg Olympic Pool open Monday, December 1st at 11am!!!

The pool is full!!

On Monday the doors will open and we shall frolic in the cool waters of Coburg Olympic Pool.

We will be there to admire the sparkling waters and have a swim when the doors open for the first time in 2.5 years. There might even be a few photographers around taking photos of the long line of sweaty locals looking for a swim.

So come down at 10.45 next Monday and celebrate!!!

Also a few dates for the diary....

December 14 Opening Celebration (pool party).
January 18 Ride to Pool Day (free event).

See you in the lap lane!!


  1. Great that it opens today... but until what time? What are the opening hours?

  2. OK found the opening hours details and more:
    Closes at 7pm weeknights. 8pm would be more appropriate for those who want to swim after work (cf Fitzroy Pool).


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