Coburg Olympic Pool excluded from heritage overlay

A recent report has recommended that Coburg Olympic Pool be subject to a Heritage Overlay. However as reported in the Moreland Leader on 13/06/2011 Moreland City council did not accept those recommendations in relation to our pool.

You can read the North of Bell Street Heritage Study here or at the planning desk at the Moreland Civic C. The pool is mentioned on pages109-113. Page 110 states that Coburg Olympic Pool is one of only a few municipal swimming complexes dating from the 1950s and 1960s in Victoria to survive largely intact. The conservation guidelines allow plenty of scope for modifications of the complex to allow the important objective, ie the use of the complex as a public pool to continue.

Read the Friends of Coburg Olympic Pool letter to Moreland Council below.
FCoP Letter to Councillors Regarding Heritaqge Study 15/06/2011

from the entrance

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